Frequently asked questions

On this page, we will try to answer all of your questions. If your question is not discussed, then contact us or watch our how-to videos.


How are Mobeazy's cars insured?

Mobeazy's cars are all-risk insured including an accident and passenger insurance. If damage has been caused, then Mobeazy will charge a deductible that can be reduced as you wish. Find out more under the heading 'What is a deductible?'.

Note: we cannot insure your property. Mobeazy cannot be made liable for damage and/or theft of your possessions

What are the General Terms and Conditions?

Mobeazy uses the lease conditions of the Bovag section of Car Hire and shared car companies. You must accept these conditions if you wish to use the Mobeazy app.

Who is Mobeazy for?

Everyone with a driving licence, age 18 or older can register with Mobeazy and participate in our car sharing programme. After all, car sharing is for all!

In the placement of our cars, we do focus on so-called closed communities. This means that we will look for places where larger groups of Mobeazy users can be found close together. Think of flex offices, smaller neighbourhoods, real estate projects, homeowners' associations, and businesses and business parks. Places where multiple people require a shared car.

What are Mobeazys?

It's what we call our shared bicycles, shared scooters and shared cars. We want to offer our users a higher quality, so we only use premium brands. Our electric bicycles are managed by Juizz and currently our cars come from BMW and MINI.


Can driving privately and commercially be separated?

Certainly! Before each trip, you can indicate whether or not you will be driving privately or commercially. In this way, you will not have to pay additional tax liability when using Mobeazy.

Are the rates VAT inclusive or exclusive?

Both. For commercial drivers, we charge VAT exclusive, for private individuals, we charge VAT inclusive. The current rates are clearly stated in the app and on our website!

Do you charge by the hour, minute or kilometre?

At Mobeazy, we will only charge the time, rounded to 15-minute segments. The kilometres and petrol are always included in the price!

What is Pay-per-use?

You pay only for the use, and that's it. Pay by the hour, nice and simple.

Are there any registration fees or subscriptions for Mobeazy?

No. The shared mobility of Mobeazy means you will only pay for the actual use.

The Software

What software is used by Mobeazy?

We work together with Skopei, a Dutch company focused on creating smart locks. Put simply: if it has a lock, they can open it with an app. This means we are able to not only offer cars, but also bicycles and scooters via the Mobeazy app. And we are working on adding things like meeting rooms. Just to make things easier for you!

What about Privacy?

Privacy is fully guaranteed by Skopei and Mobeazy. We will check your driving licence via a secure connection with the RDW and Elena (a BOVAG warning system) after which the data is deleted. This way, your data will never become public

Would you like Mobeazy?

Can anyone use Mobeazy?

Mobeazy uses closed communities and anyone that is part of the community with a driving licence and who is older than 18 can use a Mobeazy. Note: there are also locations where our Mobeazy's can be used by others.


Why Mobeazy?

Mobeazy allows your organisation to offer employees, tenants and residents to use flexible mobility in an easy way. Without ownership, but with use. In doing so, the organisation creates ease of use without added costs and helps in creating a greener footprint, as well as save space and costs by reducing the number of cars.

How does it work?

What is the deductible? Can I reduce it?

The deductible is €500. It can be reduced to €250 for a sum of €5 per day / per reservation. If you want to fully buy the deductible, then the cost is €10 per day / per reservation.

I damaged the vehicle, now what?
  • Stay calm, remain cordial;
  • Fill in the damage form (front and back!) completely. Do not forget to sign the form;
  • Report your damage via the Mobeazy app;
  • Email your damage form to or via post to:
  • In case of questions, call our service desk at 088-5251990.
What to do in case of breakdown?

If you are stranded, please contact the BMW/MINI Service Centre via 0800-0357. If the car is towed, then please have it towed to the closed dealership from the following list:

  • Dusseldorp BMW | Kayersdijk 150 Apeldoorn
  • Dusseldorp BMW | Skoon 30 Oostzaan
Can I take a Mobeazy abroad?

Certainly! But for insurance reasons, you can only travel within Europe with a Mobeazy.

Can a reservation be altered or cancelled?

Of course! Extending is possible before the trip starts or during the reservation if no other user has booked the vehicle immediately after you. Alteration or cancellation is free until the reserved starting time. Afterwards, it is no longer to cancel or shorten and you will pay for the scheduled time.

When can I reserve a Mobeazy?

Always, anywhere. Next to the car or on the couch at home. For immediate use or far in advance. 24/7.

Download the app?

Simply go to the Apple AppStore or Google Play. Follow the correct steps and you will be on your way in five minutes!

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