Privacy policy

Mobeazy B.V. and all of its affiliate companies (“Mobeazy”) take the way they deal with your (“User”) personal data very seriously. Mobeazy treats and protects all personal data with great care and Mobeazy always acts in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

User should read this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) very carefully before using the mobility services of Mobeazy (“Services”). The Services include amongst others: the website (“Website”), the app of Mobeazy (“App”) (Website and App together “Platform”) and the (electrically) powered vehicles (“Vehicles”). User can make use of these Services based on an agreement between
User and Mobeazy (“Agreement”) or based on an agreement between the employer of User (“Contractor”) and Mobeazy (“Agreement”).

This Privacy Policy provides insight into the type of personal data that Mobeazy processes in relation to the Services, for what purposes Mobeazy collects and processes the personal data and what Mobeazy does with this personal data. By using the Services, User agrees to this Privacy Policy.

1. Data that Mobeazy processes and for what purposes
In relation to the performance of the Services and in relation to the performance of the Agreement, Mobeazy processes the personal data for the purposes as listed below. By using the Services and by agreeing to this Privacy Policy, User has given permission to Mobeazy to use and process the following personal data:

Creating a user account
In order to create a user account on the Platform, User must register itself and provide its contact details (first name, last name, phone number, e-mail address, gender, date of birth and address) (“Contact Information”) as well as other information (password (hashed) and – if applicable - employer name) (“Other Data”). This information is needed to make the reservation as mentioned below and to communicate with the User about the Services.

Creating a reservation
In order to make a reservation via the Platform, User needs to provide the following information: (i) Contact Information; (ii) Other Data; (iii) a copy of User’s driving license (excluding visible photo and citizen identification number (BSN-number)); (iv) preferred payment method; and (v) choice of a hub where the reservation will start. This information is needed to check whether User meets the requirements set by Mobeazy and/or Contractor for a user of the Services and for processing of payments.

Information messages
Mobeazy may use the Contact Information to send information messages to User (not marketing communications) necessary to provide the Services. 

Testing and analysis
Mobeazy may use the personal data to analyze how Users use the Platform. This also includes the use of the data to detect and correct errors and malfunctions in the rental process.

Data aggregation
In order to minimize the processing of personal data, Mobeazy may merge or encrypt the personal data of the User to create anonymous data that cannot be traced back to a natural person. 

Use and status of the Vehicle
To the extent necessary for the performance of the Services and/or the performance of the Agreement, Mobeazy collects and processes data about the use of the Vehicle, such as: the start time and end time of the reservation, start- and final location of the trips during a reservation, locking operations of the Vehicle via the Platform and the status of the Vehicle (such as GPS location, battery percentage, status of the ignition switch and whether the battery is charging or not). In relation to the performance of the
Services arising from the Agreement between Mobeazy and the Contractor, Mobeazy may provide the following information to the Contractor: use of the Vehicle by User and the information needed to charge the reservations and Services to the Contractor.

Customer service
Mobeazy may collect and process the personal data of the User in order to provide (international) customer services. For example, Mobeazy may collect User’s requests received by customer service and the replies in relation thereto, along with other Contact Information and Other Data of User. This will allow Mobeazy to respond better to the questions and requests of the User.

As far as permitted under the applicable law, Mobeazy may use the Contact Information for marketing communications, such as newsletters. The User can unsubscribe from the marketing communications at any time. The newsletter may also contain information and offers from third parties. Each newsletter contains a link that allows the User to unsubscribe from the newsletter.

2. The retention period of personal data
Mobeazy shall store the personal date for two (2) years (for a driver’s license two (2) months shall apply) after the termination of the Services or as long as Mobeazy is obliged to do so under national or international laws and regulations. Mobeazy shall delete the data after the applicable retention period.

3. Providing personal data to third-parties
Mobeazy will handle the personal data of User discreetly and Mobeazy will process the personal data only for the purposes as stated in this Privacy Policy. Mobeazy will never sell of give the personal data of User to third parties without explicit prior consent or if it is necessary for the performance of the Agreement or when it is necessary to perform functions User has granted consent for
Mobeazy to do so. The third parties Mobeazy works with are bound by the same conditions towards User and towards the personal data of User as written in this Privacy Policy. Mobeazy may also provide the personal data of User to third parties if Mobeazy is obliged to do so under national or international laws and regulations. Mobeazy may also transfer the personal data of User to third parties in the event of a merger, acquisition, reorganization, sale of business units or bankruptcy of Mobeazy. Mobeazy will request the permission of User in advance if this is required under applicable law.

4. Use of cookies
Mobeazy uses cookies on the Website. By clicking "Ok" on the cookie notification of the Website or by continuing to use the Website, User consents to the placing of cookies. A cookie is a simple small file that a website stores on the hard disk via the browser. A cookie stores information inside. For each visit, different types of cookies can be used. The Website uses the different types of cookies as listed below for the purposes as listed below.

Analytical cookies
Analytic cookies are anonymous cookies and these cookies allow Mobeazy to improve the Website. These cookies collect information about the way visitors use the Website, such as information about the most frequently visited pages or the number of displayed error messages. The information collected by these cookies may not be used for marketing purposes and will not be passed on to third parties.

Session cookies
Session cookies are used by Mobeazy when a User visits the Website and are automatically deleted when the User closes the browser. Through these cookies Mobeazy can remember which parts of the Website a User has viewed during a visit and Mobeazy can synchronize its services accordingly.

Social media cookies
Social media cookies are cookies to share the content of the Website via social media. For the functioning of these buttons social media cookies from the social media parties are used, so that these parties can recognize the User when the User wants to share a page of the Website. For the cookies that social media parties place and the possible data they collect, Mobeazy refers the User to
the privacy statements that these parties provide on their own websites. Mobeazy will not be responsible for the processing of personal data that may occur on these websites. Mobeazy encourages User to evaluate and read the privacy statements of these websites carefully.

Other / unforeseen cookies
Due to the way internet and websites work, Mobeazy may not always have insight into the cookies that third parties place on or via the Website. This is especially the case when the Website contains so-called 'embedded elements': these are texts, documents, images or films that are stored with another party, but which are displayed on, in or via the Website.

5. Customize cookie settings or delete cookies
If User does not want Mobeazy to place cookies on its (mobile) device, User can refuse the use of cookies through the settings or options of its browser. For each browser and each (mobile) device, User has to adjust its settings separately. Please note: it is possible that after modification of the cookie settings, some parts of the Website can no longer be (correctly) used. When Mobeazy
has placed cookies, User can also delete them. How to do so, differs per browser. If necessary, consult the help function of the applicable browser. More information about cookies can be found on the websites of Cookierecht and the Consumentenbond.

6. Security
Mobeazy takes all necessary measures to protect the personal data. Mobeazy uses technical and organizational security measures to protect the personal data managed by Mobeazy against manipulation, loss, destruction and unauthorized access. These safety measures are constantly being improved in line with technological developments. For example, all entry fields on the Platform are
TLS protected. Furthermore, the Platform is continuously updated with the latest security updates.
The Platform may contain links to external websites that are managed by other companies. Mobeazy cannot guarantees the privacy policy of these external websites and Mobeazy shall not be responsible for those websites. Mobeazy encourages User to evaluateand read the privacy statements of these websites carefully.

7. Rights of User
Regarding the personal data that Mobeazy has collected and/or processed, User has the right to:
Delete Data: User may request Mobeazy to erase or delete all or some of the personal data that Mobeazy has collected and/or processed from User. Change or Correct Data: User may request Mobeazy to change, update or fix the personal data that Mobeazy has collected and/or
processed from User, if these personal data are incorrect or incomplete. Data portability: User may request Mobeazy to provide User with a copy of an overview of the personal data Mobeazy has collected and/or processed in a standard and commonly used form. Object to Data: User may request Mobeazy to stop using all or some of its personal data or to limit the use of it and User will have,at all times, the right to object against the processing of its personal data by Mobeazy. Furthermore, User can view, delete or correct certain personal data itself via the Platform. User can send the above-mentioned requests to: . Please state clearly in the subject “Privacy Policy
Request”. Mobeazy will reply to the request within 4 weeks. When a “Privacy Policy Request” is made, Mobeazy reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee for this service. Privacy Policy Requests will only be implemented after the individual making the request has proved its identity, which confirms that it is indeed the subject that the request effects. In certain situations, Mobeazy may be entitled to legally refuse requests. In the event Mobeazy refuses to honour a request, Mobeazy must justify the reason why.

8. Adjustments
Mobeazy reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy. The most current and applicable version of the Privacy Policy can always be found on the Platform.

9. Translation
This Privacy Policy is drawn up in Dutch and English. In case of contradictions between these versions, the Dutch version will always prevail.

10. Contact details
In case of any questions about this Privacy Policy or processing of its personal data, User can contact Mobeazy by regular mail: Mobeazy B.V., Postbus 10222, 7301 GE Apeldoorn, the Netherlands or by e-mail: Please state clearly it concerns the Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy was last amended on August 2, 2018.